• BacteriaGothicCardamine for slideshow
    RMBL science is significant for the world. Photo of bacteria from a Cardamine leaf by Noah Whiteman, PhD
  • rmbl-960×540-07
    A summer at RMBL is much more than field work. Find out what we're all about today! Photo by Sarah Rudeen
  • KNC kids stream ecology
    RMBL is important to introducing young people to the outdoors. Photo by Annie Starr
  • old lab for home slide
    Since 1928 RMBL has been one of the leading biological field stations in the world. Photo from the Johnson Family Archives
  • cc looking NE by Chad Carter slide
    The new Gothic Community Center as viewed from the southwest. Thank you to all of the donors who are helping to make this new building possible! Photo by Chad Carter

Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory advances the scientific understanding of nature that promotes informed stewardship of the earth