Nature Camp (Grades K-2)

Nature Camp: June 11 to August 10, 2018

RMBL’s nature camp is designed for children entering kindergarten, first and second grades in the fall of 2018. Each day of the summer is a unique program with a multidisciplinary and playful approach to immersing students in the natural world and field science through hands-on activities such as experiments, nature inspired art and games. Children may come for one day, attend multiple days in one week, or join us for the same day of each week throughout the summer. Each program theme covers a variety of topics; every day is a new adventure!

Mondays – Things with Wings

$50 – 9am-2:15pm (Meeting in Gothic) or 8:20am-2:40pm (Meeting at the CB 4-Way Bus Stop)

Butterflies, bees, bats, and beetles; dippers, dragonflies and mosquitos are just a few of the flying organisms we can investigate in the East River Valley during the summer. Find out the important roles these flying friends play in our ecosystem by stepping into the shoes of a RMBL researcher, and imagine what life would be like if you could fly!

Tuesdays – Forest, Flowers and Fungi

$50 – 9am-2:15pm (Meeting in Gothic) or 8:20am-2:40pm (Meeting at the CB 4-Way Bus Stop)

We’ll go into the woods with a curious mind and inquisitive eye to investigate the relationships between the soil, roots and trees as well as sunshine, flowers and seeds. From funny looking mushrooms to the black-eyed aspen trees, from ancient blue spruce to the delicate grouse whortleberry, the forest is not only home to many, but also a living laboratory.

Wednesdays – Raindrops to Rivers

$70 – 9am-4:45pm (Meeting in Gothic) or 8:20am-5:10pm (Meeting at the CB 4-Way Bus Stop)

Dive into the riparian zone and experience the local watershed with RMBL researchers. We’ll study the ways of water and the amazing adaptations of aquatic creatures. Watch for moose wondering through the willows, build a beaver dam, catch a mayfly larva and see a water droplet come to life through the microscope. Not only will we learn how our lives are connected through water, but we’ll have some fun playing with the properties of water.

Thursdays – Creep, Crawl, Climb

$50 – 9am-2:15pm (Meeting in Gothic) or 8:20am-2:40pm (Meeting at the CB 4-Way Bus Stop)

Fur, scales and slime – discover the mammals, reptiles and amphibians of Gothic, and see how RMBL scientists study these creatures. From salamanders, marmots and snowshoe hares to garter snakes, lynx and black bears, we will learn about a variety of animals both big and small, short and tall.

Fridays – Third Rock from the Sun

$50 – 9am-2:15pm (Meeting in Gothic) or 8:20am-2:40pm (Meeting at the CB 4-Way Bus Stop)

What is sunlight? Why was silver mined near Gothic? What causes lightening and other whacky weather? How do living things use oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide? Why do we have seasons? What causes mountains to rise and fall? Join us on a mission to examine Planet Earth. We’ll get our hands dirty with geology, meteorology, climatology and astronomy while we ask questions about our solar system, the atmosphere and the land on which we stand.

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