Gothic Weather

Today's Weather,  Friday: clear and mild overnight until clouds move in just before sunrise with light snow soon after.

Notes on the pictures:  #1 In general coyotes stay out of Gothic but these three wandered through and stayed a short while at the place where the foxes usually hang out at, and seemed to have found some food left behind. #2 Given the low snowpack it is holding on quite well, but south hillsides, like this one in Gothic, are showing bare ground.  Town Hall and Visitors Center in the foreground with Avery Mountain behind. #3 Ridges on south hillsides are starting to show bare ground as snow is beginning to melt away.  This is from Rosy point looking at Bellview and Avery mountains. #4  There has been a Moose in the valley for at least the past month or two and to my amazement there it was near Gothic.  Poor thing had trouble in the deep snow but was doing OK on the ski track.  He headed up above S. Gothic and hopefully to Deer Creek trail area.

    1. A few coyotes come through Gothic, March 15.

    2. South hillsides starting to show bare ground, April 04.

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    3. Bare ground starting to show, April 02.

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    4.  A Moose in Gothic, March 07.

Current Weather information for April 12 8:15 a.m.

Today's low -8ºC (18°F)
Today's high -2½ºC (28ºF)
Current temperature -2½ºC (28ºF)
Sky overcast
Wind calm
Current precipitation light snow, 0 cm (0") new snow, 0.00 water
Snowpack 84 cm (33")
Today's deepest snowpack 85 cm (33½")
Average snowpack April 03
150 cm (59")
Winter's deepest snowpack 126 cm (49½") March 04
Total snowfall this winter 606 cm (238") at sunset

This Weeks Weather: starting with Sunday, April 07: Sunday: cloudy with intermittent light snow overnight. A bit of clearing early morning before clouds build back with moderate snow for close to an hour mid day before clearing a bit.  Then variable afternoon cloudiness with scattered snowfall off and on through the afternoon. Monday: cloudy, calm and warm. Some clearing mid morning while warm and windy, then cloudy most the afternoon.  Light, brief snow mid afternoon, then starting up with strong wind late day. Tuesday: strong wind and light snow into the night, then scattered light snow until becoming heavy at sunrise.  A bit of a pause and then snowfall turns heavy through the morning before letting up.  Off and on and generally light mid afternoon on. --Early snow in the storm came in with substantial dust in it. Wednesday: a return to winter as after more overnight snow it cleared and temperature dropped into the mid single digits (ºF).  Some clouds return just before sunrise before clearing and warming mid morning and variable after that.  Despite a high only in the 30'sºF snow pack dropped 5" for the day.  --Early snow in the storm came in with substantial dust in it.  Thursday: cloudy, cool and windy overnight with light snow starting a bit before sunrise and going through the morning before some limited clearing.

This Past Week's Summary: (the last 3 month's tables are on the Weekly Data Summary page)

Date Low °F High ºF New Snow Water/Rain Snow Depth
Thursday April 11 16 36 4 cm (1½") 0.09" 85 cm (33½")
Wednesday April 10 04 39 11 cm (4½") 0.39" 88 cm (34½")
Tuesday April 09 17 35 21 cm (8½") 0.65" 91 cm (36")
Monday April 08 26 49 0 0.00" 71 cm (28")
Sunday April 07 23 46 12 cm (4½") 0.28" 74 cm (29")
Saturday April 06 19 56 5 cm (2") 0.19" 75 (29½")
Friday April 05 25 54 2 cm (½") 0.04" 75 cm (29½")
Thursday April 04 19 59 0 0.00" 77 cm (30½")
Wednesday April 03 17 52 6 cm (2½") 0.16" 82 cm (32½")
Tuesday April 02 19 52 0 0.00" 84 cm (33")
Monday April 01 20 60 6 cm (2½") 0.13" 86 cm (34")

Gothic Weather Forecast
April 11: some clearing for Friday and Saturday with a slight chance of snow before increased clouds Saturday night and a chance for substantial snow into Tuesday.

Other Notes
The 3" of new snow overnight March 16 brought this winter's snow total above the total winter amount for the 1976-77 winter so at least this will not be the driest winter on record.  Now to higher goals (such as last winters 2nd lowest snow total winter).  --The least snow ever in a January is 35 cm (14") in 1980.  Through Jan. 26 this January had just 25 cm (10") but then late month snow meant this record is not to be broken, a good thing.  --February then missed being the driest one on record by just 8 cm (3").   --There were only 7 clear or partly cloudy days in December. --The September through November snowfall for this winter has the least snowfall in that time period on record.

More Weather Info
To view locations of and data from all RMBL weather stations, click here.

Ski and Road Conditions
April 12: Ski conditions: snow is starting to rot in the afternoon.  We are in spring conditions, which are good if timed correctly- say between 10 and noon.

Gothic Road
The track to Gothic and is actually easy, though mostly wide and flat in spring conditions.  It becomes sloppy and rotten in places in the afternoon while hardpacked in the morning.   ---The road to Gothic is closed.  With the recent snow i would now estimate that the road will not open before late April or possibly even early May.  --Note that once closed, no machines- snowcats, snowmobiles etc. are allowed in this valley.

Current Avalanche Conditions
The CB Avalanche Center and the CAIC have started winter operations again.  For an evaluation of the general area avalanche conditions go to the Crested Butte Avanche Center. The Colorado Avalanche Information Center is an excellent source of state wide weather and avalanche information.


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