Community Center News

March 2013 Update
We have raised $2.4 of the $2.9 million project.  And because the new Community Center is so important the RMBL Board of Trustees has voted to move forward with the project this year!  We are currently in the process of raising the remaining $500,000 and hiring the general contractor. Construction will begin this spring.
A special thank you for the following for helping us meet the $250,000 match that has enabled us to move forward:
Tom Anderson
Katie & Ken Armitage
Catherine Aubee
Amy Benson
Ralph Benson
Ian Billick & Jennie Reithel
Alison Brody
Terry Bucher
Tom Budd
Mary & Rick Bush
Lorene Calder
Cindy Carlisle
Frances Chew & Richard Bryan
Judy & Butch Clark
Molly & Paul Cross
Emily Croteau
Kathy Darrow & Tom Pendley
Lynn & Jill Devenport
Jacqueline Doyle
Peggy & Rob Enders
Gail & Richard Grossman
John & Nicole Gutrich
Ashley Hagan
Alexandra Hettena
Ynette & Jim Hogue
Lisa Horth
Amy Iler
Barbara Ivins & John Hughes
Dorothy Johnson
Carol Johnson & Russ Miller
Dianna Krejsa
Jean Langenheim
Gretchen & Harry Leland
Tamara Lorio
Sally & Henry Manwell
Jeffery Marcus & Joanne Seiff
Linda & Doug McDonald
Maggie & Tem McElroy
Joan Milam
Vera Miller
Avery Miller
Randall Moorman
Juliet Morgan

Fredrian Ochs
Annette Ostling
John Palmer
Marge Penton & Neal Ayres
Laurie Sanders
Todd Schoborg
Marilyn & Clint Smith
Andrea Snow
Felix Sperling
Chris Still & Maria Murphy
Mary Ann & John Tarr
Lana Turner
Robert Vaughn
Mary Price & Nick Waser
Howard Whiteman and Nancy Buschhaus
Karin & Klaus Wisiol
Scott & Sue Wissinger
Flora Wissinger
Jeffrey Young

Ann & Dave Zweig
A special shout-out to the Mexican Cut alumni who met Howard Whiteman's personal challenge as part of the last push to meet the big match.
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    The current Dining Hall was built in 1967 and has withstood quite a few winters, although in 2011 the front deck collapsed under the weight of the snow.

    Sample Image

    Architects West, the same firm that designed the new Gothic Research Center, has begun preliminary drawings and design for the Community Center.