Legacy Campaign Progress To Date

Stay up-to-date on RMBL's Legacy Campaign progress of supporting our People & Places, our Information & Communications Systems, and our Physical Plant objectives.

Many thanks to all of the donors who are investing in RMBL and helping us meet our goal!

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    The grand opening of the new Gothic Research Center took place on June 29, 2012.  Photo by David Inouye, Ph.D.

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    The Gothic weather station, one in a series located along an elevational gradient from Schofield Park to Almont, can be accessed online via the new Digital RMBL website.
    Photo by billy barr.

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    The renovated Vera A. Johnson Laboratory building will open as the Weldon and Rosalie Weekley Visitor's Center in June 2013.  Photo by Shayn Estes.

    Wendy Brown, Research Assistant, setting up sticky traps for stream research. Photo: RMBL Archives

    Bacterial and fungal epiphytes cultured from Cardamine cordifolia.  Photo by Noah Whiteman, Ph.D.