Who is a RMBL Alum?
RMBL is not a traditional academic institution and therefore does not define alumni as many are traditionally accustomed to, but rather as any person who has had a meaningful experience in Gothic, including those still working, studying, researching, and living at RMBL. Alumni may include students, scientists, research assistants, staff, board members, committee members, caretakers, visiting artists and physicians, family members, or anyone who has lived in Gothic. Please let Meike know if you are a RMBL Alum.

    Sample Image

    2012 RMBL Students pose with their "billy beards" in front of the Dining Hall.
    (Photo by Laurel Runcie)

RMBL Alumni $1 Million Participation Challenge
RMBL Alum Kristina Jones pledged $1 million to help us build a new Community Center to replace our failing Dining Hall if we could bring back 300 Alumni donors between September 1, 2011 and December 31, 2012.

Loyal RMBL Alumni from around the world have answered the challenging, surpassing the goal. By the end of 2012, we met the goal with 317 New Alumni Donors.

Thank you, RMBL Alumni, for supporting RMBL.

300 New Alumni Donor Challenge

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