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Info Page for hired RMBL Staff

Staff Forms: Once you have become a part of our RMBL team, please fill out the below forms and return them to Gesa Michel –, the Director of Finance and Operations.

Who to Contact at RMBL

Staff Information: Here is valuable information for all RMBL staff.

  • RMBL Personnel Manual
  • Organizational Chart
  • 403(b) Retirement Plan Description (TIAA ERISA Basic Plan Document) and the voluntary  Salary-Reduction-Agreement-Form 2018 for employees who complete at least 1,000 hours of service in one year; eligibility begins after 1 year of completing at least 1,000 hours of service.
  • Group Health Plan option for all staff working 40 hours/week 52 weeks a year. Here is the Salary-Reduction-Agreement-for-Group Health Plan to fill out.
  • Health Flex Plan Summary by TASC Info and the voluntary Salary Reduction for Cafeteria Plan – for full-time year-round employees; eligibility begins with full-time contract.
  • Health & Safety Manual
  • Travel Safety Plan
  • Timesheet – for hourly employees only. Payroll work periods are bi-monthly (twice a month) and are from the 12th-26th and the 27th through the 11th of the following month. Please Note: Supervisors need to sign timesheets before payment can be made. Time sheets are due to your supervisor by 5:00pm the 11th and 26th of each month, or before. Please submit signed timesheets to the Accounting Office.
  • Time & Effort Report – Any employee receiving funding from Federal programs must complete Time and Effort reporting requirements, listing grant number, name and the percentage of time spent on all grants compensated for in a given time frame.  If employee is hourly, time and effort reporting is documented at the bottom of the RMBL timesheet.  If employee is on a fixed salary contract, a Time and Effort form must be completed for each pay period, signed by supervisor and submitted to the Accounting Office. Time and Effort forms are available from the RMBL Accounting Office or here.
  • Records Retention Policy

RMBL Membership

Staff Safety and Rights Information