Tuesday Talks

Please join us for our free Tuesday Talk series, Tuesdays 7:30 p.m. at the billy barr community center at RMBL

 RMBL Seminars 2017


Public lecture in the bbcc. Photo by Jen Pierson

June 13 – 4th Annual RMBL Research Sampler (Host: Jennie Reithel)
Jane Ogilvie – “Climate and flower effects on bumble bee abundance”
Gabriela Pinho – “Marmot behavior at RMBL”
Josh Lynn – “Incorporating biotic interactions improves the prediction of mountain ecosystem species abundance and distribution”
Artists in Residence – Raina Belleau and Caleb Churchill

June 20 – Rich Wanty (USGS) (Host: Ken Williams)“Zn regulation in the mayfly Neocloeon triangulifer: Insights from Zn isotopes and biodynamic modeling”

June 27 – Amanda Delvecchia (Allegheny College) (Host: Scott Wissinger) “The ecological role of methane in an expansive river floodplain aquifer”

July 6 – Amanda Klemmer (University of Maine) (Host: Scott Wissinger) NOTE: This seminar is scheduled on Thursday to avoid the July 4 holiday. “Food webs that cross boundaries: Cross-ecosystem subsidies alter food-web interactions”

July 11 – Vanessa Ezenwa (University of Georgia) (Host: Jill Anderson) Douglass Distinguished Lecturer. “Worms, germs and buffalo: a coinfection story”

July 12 – Vanessa Ezenwa (University of Georgia) (Host: Ian Billick) Douglass Distinguished Lecturer. Lecture for the Public. NOTE: This seminar is scheduled on Wednesday. “In sickness and in health: exploring the impact of social behavior on parasite infection”

July 18 – Brian Enquist (University of Arizona) (Host: John Harte) “Using elevational gradients, field experiments, and theory: Predicting the impacts of climate change on the meadows and forests of RMBL”

July 25 – Nancy Emery (University of Colorado) (Host: Nick Waser) “Habitat Specialization in Variable Environments: Adaptation to Vernal Pools in Lasthenia

August 1 – George Kiladis (NOAA) (Host: Anne Marie Panetta) “Impacts of the El Nino/Southern Oscillation on the variability of temperature and precipitation over North America”

August 8 – Kristina Stinson (University of Massachusetts) (Host: Carol Boggs) “Mustards in mountain meadows”

August 15 – Peter Adler (Utah State University) (Host: Jenn Rudgers) “Really, really stable coexistence? Evidence and implications”