Tuesday Talks

Please join us for our free Tuesday Talk series, Tuesdays 7:30 p.m. at the billy barr community center at RMBL

 2018 Tuesday Seminar Schedule


Public lecture in the bbcc. Photo by Jen Pierson

June 12th:   5th Annual RMBL Research Sampler
Hosts: Jennie Reithel & Rosemary Smith:
         Dana Williams – “The marmots of RMBL”
         Wilnelia Recart – Pentstemon and its pollinators”
         Jared Balik – “High variation in nutrient excretion
within a guild of closely  related caddisfly species”
        Erica Shapiro-Sakashita- ” The intersection of art and
science at the RMBL”

 June 19th:   Paul CaraDonna (RMBL)
 Hosted by  Nick Waser
“Plant-pollinator interactions: from existing variation to the consequences of climate change”

June 26th:   Antonio Manzaneda (University of Jaen, Spain)
Hosted by Jill Anderson
“Adaptive differentiation in the Brachypodium distachyon species complex”

July 2nd:  Johanna Varner (Colorado Mesa University) 
Hosted by Rosemary Smith
“Pikas under fire: American pika ecology and behavior in a time of global change”
NOTE: This seminar is scheduled on Monday to avoid preparations for the July 4 holiday.

July 10th:  Monica Geber (Cornell University) Douglass Distinguished Lecturer. 
Hosted by Jill Anderson and Ken Whitney 
“Ecology and evolution of species range limits”

July 12th:   Monica Geber (Cornell University) Douglass Distinguished Lecturer. Lecture for the Public
Hosted by Jill Anderson and Ken Whitney 
“Climate change and the geographic range of species: thoughts from long-term studies of California annual plants”

July 17th:   Ben Blonder (RMBL)
Hosted  Aimee Classen
“Predicting the future: community ecology of aspen forests and alpine screefields”

July 24th:  Lara Souza (RMBL)
Hosted by Berry Brosi
“Changes in plant biodiversity across temperate prairies and montane meadows: implications for the functioning of local ecosystems”

July 31st:   Lindsey Albertson (Montana State University)
Hosted by Bobbi Peckarsky
The spidermen of streams: Silk-spinning caddisflies influence macroinvertebrate communities by altering geomorphology and hydrology”

August 7th:   Corey Lawrence (USGS)
Hosted by Kate Maher
“Soils of the East River Valley: Evaluating a soil functional classification system for quantifying carbon storage”

August 14th:  Dan Kowolski  (Colorado Parks and Wildlife)
Hosted by Brad Taylor
“Quantifying the habitat preferences and emergence ecology of the Salmonfly, Pteronarcys californica”