2023 RMBL Media Release

For Adult and Minor Participants

In consideration of the services of Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory (“RMBL”) in allowing me/my child to participate in RMBL educational, instructional, recreation and/or adventure activities (the “Activities”), I (adult participant and/or parent/s of a minor participant) I agree as follows:
I hereby grant Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory (“RMBL”) the right, license and permission, without any additional cost, to use my/my child’s name, image, and voice, and any audio, video, still, or other recording made of me/my child (“Media”) obtained during my/my child’s participation in the Activities. I hereby agree that all right, title, interest and ownership, including copyright, in and to any tangible work in any Media containing my/my child’s image so obtained shall be owned exclusively by RMBL. I understand and agree that as owner of any such Media, RMBL shall have the exclusive right to exercise all rights granted under copyright protection relative to the Media. I release, and agree to indemnify, RMBL from and against any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the use of such Media.

I (adult participant or parent/s of a minor participant) agree that Colorado law (without regard to its “conflict of laws” rules) governs this Document, any dispute I or my child have with RMBL and all other aspects of my or my child’s relationship with RMBL, contractual or otherwise, and agree that any mediation, suit or other proceeding must be filed, conducted, or entered into only in Gunnison County, Colorado. I agree to attempt to settle any dispute (not being settled by discussion) through mediation before a mutually acceptable Colorado mediator. This Document is intended to be interpreted and enforced to the fullest extent allowed by law. If any portion of this Document is deemed unlawful or unenforceable, it shall not affect the enforceability of the remaining provisions, and those remaining provisions shall continue in full force and effect.
Adult participant or parent/s of a minor participant agree:
I have carefully read, understand and voluntarily agree to this Document and acknowledge that it shall be effective and legally binding upon me and my participating minor child. Adult Participant or one or both parent/s of a minor participant must agree to this document.