Our Mission


In a rapidly changing world, RMBL sustains our quality of life by

accelerating discoveries about the ecosystems that replenish

the world’s air, water, and food supply.


Since 1928, more than 9,000 people have studied, worked, lived and conducted research at RMBL on important topics such as pollination, changing climate and high-altitude ecosystems.  RMBL scientists have created long-term data sets from their many summers of research in Gothic.  Science conducted at RMBL has influenced environmental policy; research on acid deposition was used during revision of the National Clean Air Act.  Pioneering research on pollination began at RMBL in the 1970s with some of our scientists who continue to research in Gothic every summer.  RMBL makes science accessible not only for researchers, but also for students and the public as well, putting ‘Science at the Top’!

Summer Science Tour - photo from RMBL Archives
Summer Science Tour – photo from RMBL Archives