Conference Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Conferences and Workshops Hosted at, or Organized by, RMBL


June 4, 2020

For conferences and workshops hosted at or by RMBL, we are committed to a safe and welcoming environment.  RMBL welcomes a diversity of values, backgrounds, and training at these events.  This code of conduct is meant to foster an environment that welcomes diverse perspectives, but does so in a productive manner.  This code of conduct applies to all participants as well as individuals supporting events (e.g., staff, contractors, vendors, and volunteers).  Recognizing that RMBL hosts workshops and conferences for societies or organizations that have their own codes of conduct, RMBL’s Chief Operating Officer may waive RMBL’s policy in writing if s/he determines the policy obtains the general intent established by RMBL’s policy.

Expected Behavior

  • All participants and opinions must be treated with acceptance and respect
  • Disagreements should be focused on ideas and not individuals.
  • Follow all rules and policies for the meeting venue, whether in Gothic or elsewhere.

Unacceptable Behavior

  • We do not allow physical/verbal abuse, harassment, bullying, discrimination, or intimidation, including behavior/speech or images that could reasonably be determined to be offensive or unwelcome by a neutral third party.
  • We do not allow inappropriate or unwelcome physical contact or sexual attention including stalking or following.
  • We do not allow disruption of presentations or talks.


Responding and/or Reporting to Unacceptable Behavior

  • If you observe an unhealthy situation and feel comfortable stepping in, particularly if someone is struggling or at risk, we encourage you to step in, and as appropriate initiate a constructive conversation.
  • If you are uncomfortable intervening, we ask that you notify a staff person or one of the workshop/conference organizers identified at the beginning of the meeting.
  • If you experience or witness a situation involving immediate and/or a serious threat to an individual or general public safety, please immediately call 911.
  • We ask that you notify a RMBL staff person of any unacceptable behavior, with a workshop/conference organizers if a RMBL staff person is not available, or not an appropriate person to contact.  RMBL’s Chief Operating Officer Kelly Sudderth can be reached at, and RMBL’s Executive Director Ian Billick can be reached at


Responding and/or Reporting to Unacceptable Behavior

  • As a condition of participating in, or working at, a RMBL hosted event or workshop, individuals accept that RMBL has final authority to respond to a situation as it sees appropriate, taking care not to act in a capricious, arbitrary, or discriminatory fashion, and as appropriate, seeking to understand the perspectives and observations of all individuals involved.
  • Any consequences to a situation will be overseen by RMBL’s COO or Executive Director, or to any individual to whom one of them delegates the oversight.
  • Potential responses to situations include, but are not limited to, verbal/written reprimand or warning, removal from the event without warning or refund, and prohibition from participating in future RMBL-sponsored events.