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Host Your Wedding or a For-Profit Conference in September or October at RMBL

billy barr community center and tent – Magnified Joy Photography

RMBL can host large events, groups and conferences (more than 30 people) in September and October, subject to availability. We may be able to accommodate smaller groups at other times, although our facilities are usually filled with students and scientists from late June to mid-August. RMBL is snowed in from mid-November to mid-May with access by ski or snowshoe only. Details for holding your wedding or For-Profit conference (not related to research or education) in Gothic, Colorado are available below. Fall in the Rocky Mountains is a breath-taking experience with the aspen leaves changing into a myriad of green, yellow, orange and red colors. General information on hosting a group at RMBL in September or October can be found under Host a Conference.

Community Center Rental: In 2020 we charge $6,950/day to rent the billy barr community center Friday-Sunday, and $4,800/day Monday-Thursday ($7,000/day and $4,950/day respectively in 2021). With prior arrangement, this rental includes full access to the billy barr community center as well as break-out rooms (Barclay Classrooms, the Library, and other smaller meeting spaces). Because of logistical considerations, groups larger than 30 must rent the Community Center.

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billy barr community center Board Room Rental: Our conference/board room seats 18 at a conference table, and we charge $315/day to rent this room.

Meals:  Our dining hall will be open and meals can be provided at approximately 50% of what it would cost to cater (approximately $41/person/day). We can close down the kitchen and make it available to a separate caterer. The billy barr community center has two kitchens, a commercial kitchen and a private kitchen. Catering is done out of the private kitchen unless separate arrangements have been made.

Private Kitchen within the Community Center - Bellview Weddings and Events
Private Kitchen within the billy barr community center – Bellview Weddings and Events

Break-out Rooms: In the Barclay building on campus we have 2 classrooms that can each be set up with a projector and a screen. Classrooms seat ~30 in rows without tables, ~18 in rows with tables and ~12 in a horseshoe-shaped table facing a screen. The library in the Barclay building serves as another breakout room with projector and screen. It seats lecture style ~25 people and at tables facing a screen ~15 people.

Ruby Lounge, a communal cabin, and Town Hall, a prominent historic building in Gothic can also be set up as break-out rooms. They seat ~20 lecture-style and a mobile PowerPoint projector is available for use.

Cost per meeting space is $160/day. If your group rents two meeting spaces at the same time, the cost is $290 for both spaces.

Computer Laboratory: A computer laboratory with 14 spots may be set up for use if prior arrangements are made. This will cost a one-time fee of $100 for set up plus $210/day for use.

Housing: Please see below the cabins that we have available for your group. Housing for weddings is only available when renting the billy barr community center over 3 days. First, we will rent the High-End and Premium rate cabins to your group – approximately 60 beds. The Budget, Basic, and Mid-Rate housing categories are only available for large groups and in total offer about 75 beds. When you click on the cabin name in each of our tables, you’ll be able to pull up a beautiful cabin picture. To see details on the cabins themselves, such as type, character, sleeping capacity, heating & insulation values, go to the Groups Housing page. All prices are in American Dollars.

Participants are responsible for cleaning their own cabin during their stay (there is no maid or cleaning service) and before departure. A cleaning charge of $45/hour will be billed to the program, if cabins are not properly cleaned. A check-out sheet is available in the office that outlines RMBL’s expectations. RMBL also reserves the right to recover any damages to the cabins.

Gothic Mountain and billy barr community center – by Jeff Wyneken

A refundable research deposit of $5,000. This will be refunded unless a research site is significantly damaged or if we have problems with people parking outside of the designated areas or walking off trails. If the latter happens, but research is not damaged, we will issue one warning. If we have problems after the one warning, we will ask individuals to leave and keep the deposit. If there are no issues the deposit will be returned no later than one week after all remaining charges are taking care of.

Wedding and For-Profit Housing Prices for September and October 2020 are:

Price/day/personCabin Name
$93.00Premium: Comfortable, Heat, Water (approximately 35 beds)
Calder, Crystal, Gates, Maroon, Richards, Rogers Boggs
$72.00High-End: Comfortable, Heat, No Water (approximately 45 beds)
Avery, Barclay, Cinnamon, Doctor's Annex, Hull, Hunter, Johnson House, Judd Falls, Levi, McLeod, Ouray, Purple, Savoy, Treasury, Weekley
$47.00Mid-Rate: Heat, Insulation, No Water (approximately 20 beds)
Augusta, Baker, Doctor's, Marcellina, Mt. Emmons, Red Rock, Remington, Swallow's Nest
$36.00Basic: Heat, Very Limited Insulation, No Water (approximately 25 beds)
Enders, Enders Annex, Mammal Lab, Oh-Be-Joyful, Ore House, Paradise, Sylvanite, Tincup, Whiterock
$23.50Budget: No Heat, No Insulation, No Water (approximately 20 beds)
Beanpod, Bellview, East River, Forest Queen, Lead King, North Pole, Pelton, Schofield, Snowmass, Virginia, Willey, Yule

For Additional Info: Contact 970-349-7231,


Inside View of the Community Center - Jamie Booth
Inside View of the billy barr community center – Bellview Weddings and Events