Fall Research/Education Groups

Bring your Research / Education Group to RMBL in September or October

Gothic Townsite – by Jeff Wyneken

Fall in the Rocky Mountains is a breath-taking experience to hold your meeting or conference with the aspen leaves changing into a myriad of green, yellow, orange and red colors.

Detailed information on hosting a group at RMBL in September or October (capacity, meeting room sizes, meals, amenities) can be found under Host a Conference.

If you would like to bring your Research and Education Group or Non-Profit holding a conference or meeting at RMBL in Gothic, Colorado in the fall, this page will give you more detailed information.

The Gothic Community Center - photo by Gesa Michel
The Gothic Community Center – photo by Gesa Michel

billy barr community center Rental: In 2019 we charge $3,000/day to rent the Community Center Friday-Sunday, and $2,250/day Monday-Thursday ($3,050/day and $2,350/day respectively in 2020). With prior arrangement, this rental includes full access to the Community Center as well as break-out rooms (Barclay Classrooms, the Library, and other smaller meeting spaces). Because of logistical considerations, groups larger than 30 must rent the Community Center.

Break-out Rooms: Cost per break-out space in the Barclay building classrooms, Town Hall, or Ruby Lounge is $110/day. If your group rents two meeting spaces at the same time, the cost is $195 for both spaces.

Computer Laboratory: The Computer laboratory with 14 spots will cover a one-time fee of $100 for set up plus $155/day for use.

Please see here the cabins that we have available for your research or education group. First, we will rent the High-End and Premium rate cabins to your group – approximately 60 beds. The Budget, Basic, and Mid-Rate housing categories are only available for large groups and in total offer about 75 beds. To see details on the cabins themselves, such as type, character, sleeping capacity, heating & insulation values, go to the Groups Housing page.

Price/day/personCabin Name
$74.00Premium: Comfortable, Heat and Water (approximately 20 beds)
Calder, Gates, Maroon, Richards, Rogers Boggs
$43.00High-End: Comfortable, Heat, No Water (approximately 40 beds)
Augusta, Avery, Barclay, Cinnamon, Doctor's Annex, Hull, Hunter, Johnson House, Judd Falls, Levi, Mammal Lab Annex, McLeod, Purple, Savoy, Treasury, Weekley
$30.00Mid-Rate: Heat and Insulation, No Water (approximately 40 beds)
Baker, Doctor's, Forest Queen, Mammal Lab, Marcellina, Mt. Emmons, Oh-Be Joyful, Ore House, Ouray, Remington
$24.00Basic: Heat, Very Limited Insulation, No Water (approximately 20 beds)
Belleview, Crystal, Enders, Enders Annex, Lead King, North Pole, Red Rock, Snowmass, Tincup, Whiterock, Willey, Yule
$12.00Budget: No Heat, No Insulation, No Water (approximately 15 beds)
Beanpod, East River, Paradise, Pelton, Porcupine, Schofield, Swallows Nest, Sylvanite, Virginia

For Additional Info: Contact Gesa Michel, 970-349-7231, admin@rmbl.org.

Gothic Townsite – by Jeff Wyneken