Director’s Blog 8/24/19

Director’s Blog August 24, 2019

By Ian Billick, PhD

If you are not a voting member of RMBL and would like to be one, you can find the application form at:   Typically nominees for voting members get two existing voting members to sign their application form. If you send in the form without signatures, we will be happy to get them for you. Voting members must ultimately be approved by the existing voting membership. We will be distributing a ballot (which usually only happens once a year) in October or November, so if you want to be onboard for 2020, I suggest you submit an application by Oct. 1.

Voting membership is not limited to active RMBL scientists. The application and bylaws (see link below) provide more detail about eligibility.  Voting members have two primary functions. Nominees to the Board must be approved by a majority of voting members casting a ballot. Additionally, changes to RMBL’s mission as stated in the bylaws must also be approved by voting members.  RMBL’s bylaws, including greater detail about voting membership, can be found at:
There is a lot of good information about RMBL, including governance, at this link:

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me, or one of the scientists on the board (Dan Blumstein, Kailen
Mooney, Aimee Classen, Ken Williams, Diane Campbell, Jill Anderson).