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The RMBL Ride Board is updated as new entries are submitted. Current rides offered/needed are listed below. Please direct all Ride Board questions to the RMBL Operations Coordinator at office@rmbl.org.

June 1, 2019Ride Needed to RMBLCan leave earlier or later, willing to help pay for gasGavin: gbelfry1@utk.edu
June 7, 2019Ride OfferedI'm not planning on arrivng at RMBL the same day I leave. I'll be taking a break somewhere around the half-way point and won't be arriving until 6/8. I haven't completely figured out the specifics yet, but my route takes me through Las Vegas, so I'll probably make a stop there for a bit. I'm leaving from Garden Grove, CA. If anyone is interested in coming alongOmar: omarorturno@yahoo.com
(714) 910-1645
July 15, 2019Ride NeededHi, I'm Huan, and I'm a visiting PhD student majoring in pollination ecology at the University of California, Riverside. I'm planning to visit RMBL July 15. I'm hoping to find a ride from the Denver airport. Huan: hliang@ucr.edu
August 8, 2019Ride NeededWilling to be dropped off day before at night if necessary. Thanks!Cassandra: mccuen.Cassandra@gmail.com

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