Summer Overnight Visitors

In the beginning or end of the summer there are Gothic cabins available for rent for Guests or RMBL Alumni

If you would like to stay in Gothic, we will try our best to find a space for you. Guests may stay in Gothic from June 9th through September 30th if space is available. Typically, RMBL housing is full between mid-June and mid-August.

Non-Scientists and Students (Guests, Alumni, and Visitors)

RMBL charges a 25% surcharge on station fees and housing for anybody who is not a scientist (defined as someone who has an approved research application or is a visiting scientist), a research assistant, a student, staff member, or an immediate family member (partner, parent, or child) of a scientist, research assistant, student, or staff member. In 2021 station fees for guests, alumni, and visitors will be $28.50 per person per day, which includes the 25% surcharge. There is a maximum limit of 180 people living at RMBL on a daily basis, which includes guests, so it is possible that permission for guests may be denied.

Anyone who has an unregistered guest will pay a $50 penalty, and the guest may be asked to leave. You are responsible for your guests’ fees, as well as making certain they leave a clean living space. There will be a charge of $45/hour for cabins that are not left in clean condition. If a surprise guest arrives, email or leave a note in the office ASAP with the Administration Office

Please contact if you have a guest or would like to be a guest.

The day-use fee for guests or visitors who wish to shower, dispose of daily trash, or use computers at RMBL is $13.00/day.

Avery Cabin
Avery Cabin