Checking Out

All RMBL users must check out with the Administration Office and the Accounting Office in the Willey Laboratory

Important Note on Scheduling
The arrival and departure dates you provide on your application are used to assign housing. Housing is generally very tight and finely scheduled. It is important that you arrive and depart on the dates you submitted. If you arrive a day early, we may not have space for you or your cabin may not be open yet. Your departure date is important since someone is likely going into your space the day you leave. Please contact the admin office,, if your dates change.

Everyone must check out at the RMBL Administration office before departing from Gothic. Please pick up a Cabin Check-Out Form from the Administration Office at least two days before your departure. Depending on your housing situation, you will either need to schedule a cabin inspection or submit a Cabin Check-Out Form signed by your roommates. When you check out, your cabin must be in as good or better condition than when you arrived or you will be charged a cleaning fee.

Please depart before 11 am on your day of departure. We often have people arriving the same day as someone else is leaving so adhering to the check-in and check-out times is extremely important to have the cabin available for the next person.

Check Out Steps

  1. Make an Appointment to Pay Your Bill

At least two days before your departure notify billy barr so he has time to prepare your bill. Schedule an appointment to pay your bill before you depart. Charges may include housing and station fees, meal fees, guests, cleaning charges, or any other fees. Check or cash is strongly preferred.

  1. Schedule a Cabin Inspection / Submit a Signed Cabin Check-Out Form

If you are living in RMBL housing, you must clean your cabin before you leave. To ensure that you have cleaned before departing, you can either have a member of the Administrative Staff inspect your cabin, or you can have your roommates confirm that you have completed agreed upon cleaning tasks by signing your Cabin Check-Out Form in lieu of a staff inspection. Regardless, if you have roommates residing in your cabin, you must communicate with them about what common areas and tasks you are responsible for and which areas and tasks they will complete. If you are uncomfortable discussing this with your roommates or have difficulty resolving these matters, please talk to the Director of Operations, Brett Biebuyck, If your cabin is clean and undamaged, an inspector will sign your form.

  1. Check out of cabin before 11 am

Leave your cabin in a clean condition check out of your cabin before 11 am.

Please note: Damage or Cleaning fees will be assessed for cabins not cleaned to RMBL standards. If your cabin requires cleaning after you depart, you will be assessed a minimum fee of $50 per hour so the cabin can be professionally cleaned.

Questions: Any questions about checkout should be directed to the Administrative Office,