Parking Permits


$7.25$425.00Principal Investigators and Visiting Scientists
$12.00$720.00Undergraduate Students, Guests, Research Assistants

Parking Fees

Parking fees are in effect between June 1 and August 24. Everyone driving a car to Gothic for research, education, or work will need a parking permit. Parking permits are not required for the Visitors Center, public tours, youth program drop-offs, or the Coffee Lab.

There are separate parking rates for Principal Investigator (PI) Research Vehicles and for Student/RA/Guest Vehicles. PIs can purchase parking permits at the ‘Research Vehicle’ rate for vehicles that are used by the research team, regardless of who owns the vehicle. This is allowable on the condition that the vehicles are primarily used for research. Parking permits may be transferred between individuals; for example, between members of a carpool group or from a PI to members of his or her research team. Scientists owning vehicles through RMBL are required to pay parking fees in Gothic.

Parking Assignments

Parking assignments will be made by the RMBL Administration Office. Please contact to make reservations. Parking assignments will be made on a first-come, first-served basis. Commuters and residents not expecting to park in Gothic on a daily basis may communicate with the Administration Office on how to track and report their days.

Parking will be assigned to our main parking lots only. Limited parking at cabins will only be available with special permission from the Director of Operations or the Chief Operating Officer.

Display of Permit

All RMBL Users parking in Gothic will need to display a parking pass on their rear-view mirror.

Alternative Parking & Prohibited Areas

RMBL scientists no longer have access to free overnight parking at the Snodgrass Trailhead.

Parking on the County Road in Gothic, at the RMBL Visitor’s Parking Lot south of the Copper Creek bridge, Forest Service Land within 1 mile of RMBL, or the Judd Falls parking lot is a violation of RMBL parking policy.

Individuals caught parking on Gothic Road within the 1-mile limit will be warned one time and then fined $50.00 per violation. Parking on Gothic Road is for the general public only.

For a PDF of the parking map below, please click here.