GREEBs Rates – 2019

Rates for GREEBs Conference  September 6-8, 2019

For printing purposes, click here for a PDF of the 2019 GREEBs Rates

Housing TypeExtra Day of Lodging No Meals -Thursday 9/5, 2019GREEBs Meeting with Meals and Lodging at RMBL 9/6-9/8, 2018
Premium: Comfortable, Heat, Water$74.00$248.00
High: Comfortable, Heat, No Water$43.00$182.00
Midrate: Heat, Insulation, No Water$30.00$160.00
Basic: Heat, Very limited insulation, No water$24.00$138.00
Budget: No Heat, No insulation, No water$12.00$121.00

Other Rates:
• Registration with Meals but NO lodging at RMBL: $121.00 per person.
• Family Members (Adults): Pay the ‘Extra Day’ rate plus meals at $35/day for each day that they are staying in Gothic.
• Family Members (Children 17 Years or Younger): housing is free. All meals are half-price at $17.50/day/child.
• Linen rentals: $55.00 per set.
• Cleaning fee: (if needed): $45.00 per hour.

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