The RMBL Herbarium digital database is accessible at soroherbaria.org. For those unfamiliar with navigation and use of Symbiota portals, further instructions are provided below.

The RMBL Herbarium was started by Dr. Harriet Barclay from the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1929. Her long tenure and collecting efforts at RMBL (1929-1978) resulted in over 2000 of her specimens of the local flora in the collection. The long history of collecting by RMBL researchers and students provides a unique record of plant distributions, diversity and phenology over time. There are currently almost 12,000 specimens, all georeferenced and digitized in the herbarium.

RMBL is a member of the Consortium of Southern Rocky Mountain Herbaria (soroherbaria.org), a Thematic Collections Network established in 2018 to digitize and georeference roughly 1.8 million specimens from over 30 herbaria throughout the region. This project was funded by the Advancing Digitization of Biological Collections program and the National Science Foundation (NSF Award EF-1702516) and is part of the Integrated Digitized Biocollections Project (idigbio.org).