Internet at RMBL

Please connect any devices to the RMBL-Net wireless network.

RMBL has recognized the increased demand for reliable and fast internet within Gothic. RMBL is currently working with Brian Brown, Slopeside Technology, to ensure that internet access within the Gothic townsite continues to work well and handle the demand of scientists every summer.

Where is the best and worst Internet access in Gothic?

Currently, the best Internet access within the townsite is located in the billy barr community center, the Gothic Research Center, and the Willey Administration building. Internet access within most cabins is good however, there is currently no or limited internet in the following cabins: Marcellina, Porcupine, Sylvanite, and Virginia.

I have critical data and bandwidth needs for my project.  Is there something I can do to ensure internet works?

Use the locations above when doing important or large data transfers.  If you’re still having problems, please reach out to as there may be additional configuration that we can do to ensure to the resources you need.

Can I unplug the power adapter in my cabin?

To ensure that internet works property in cabins do NOT unplug power-injectors to plug in other appliances. A power-injector is typically a device inside a cabin that will look like a power-block for an electronic appliance that will be plugged into the wall and will have a network cable from the power-injector going into the wall. Unplugging these devices will cause internet issues to your cabin and other cabins in the area.

Some cabins have other networking devices. Please do not unplug the devices as they likely feed Internet access for other cabins.

What do I do if I can’t get the Internet to work?
If you are having internet issues, please email Be sure to indicate where you were having problems, what type of computer/device you are using, as well as the time you were having internet issues.

Check the weekly newsletter.  When there are planned Internet maintenance activities, information will be posted in the weekly newsletter.

What should I not do on Gothic Internet?

Please do not use the internet to download/stream movies as it interferes with other scientists being able to complete their work.

Please do not use VPN or other technologies unless it is for scientific research purposes.  VPN services add significant overhead to your Internet traffic which makes bandwidth problem worse.

Do not download illegal content, such as illegal torrents of games, movies, or other content. These activities put RMBL’s Internet service at risk.

If you have any questions, please contact Brian Brown at

Some tips for reducing network congestion at RMBL

  1. Power down or shut off the Wi-Fi radio on smartphones when they are not in use.
  2. Power down or shut off the Wi-Fi connection on laptops when not in use.
  3. Only allow PC’s, laptops, and smartphones to download updates outside of peak hours (5pm- 10pm)
  4. Do not stream videos or music from the internet. Because inappropriate video downloads have made it difficult at times to browse the web or check email, we do not plan on allowing such downloads in 2021.

Make sure you have current anti-virus software on your computer before you connect to the RMBL network. If you have any questions, please contact our Internet Consultant at