Nature Camp (Grades K-2)

Nature Camp: June 10 to August 9, 2019

RMBL’s nature camp is designed for children entering kindergarten, first and second grades in the fall of 2019. Each day of the summer is a unique program with a multidisciplinary and playful approach to immersing students in the natural world and field science through hands-on activities such as experiments, nature inspired art and games. Children may come for one day, attend multiple days in one week, or join us for the same day of each week throughout the summer. Each program theme covers a variety of topics; every day is a new adventure!

Mondays – Curious About Color

$55 – 9am-2:15pm (Meeting in Gothic) or 8:20am-2:40pm (Meeting at the CB 4-Way Bus Stop)

Why are plants green?  Why is the sky blue?  What causes rainbows?  Why do hummingbirds like red?  Join us to investigate colors in nature. Through hands-on exploration, games, crafts and stories, we’ll learn how color influences the lives of plants and animals in the Rocky Mountains. Each Monday we will examine a new color and its impact on critters. Join us every week or just for one day!

Tuesdays – Creature Feature

$55 – 9am-2:15pm (Meeting in Gothic) or 8:20am-2:40pm (Meeting at the CB 4-Way Bus Stop)

Boney antlers, colorful flowers, venomous fangs, gooey slime, glow in the dark abdomens, sharp claws, fluffy fur, multiple wings, crazy roots and more.  Both animals and plants have special features that help them survive. We’ll observe, compare and classify a variety of species as we examine the physical and behavioral adaptations of the amazing creatures in the Rockies.

Wednesdays – Nature Detectives

$75 – 9am-4:45pm (Meeting in Gothic) or 8:20am-5:10pm (Meeting at the CB 4-Way Bus Stop)

Can butterflies see colors? How much water needs to be in a stream for a trout to lay its eggs?  Do elk avoid poisonous plants?  What do salamanders do when their ponds dry up?  Can a porcupine kill a tree?  Do wolverines live in Colorado?  Scientists ask questions about nature and then perform tests to answer these questions. Usually, one question leads to another, and we realize that the world is full of unsolved mysteries. What do you wonder about nature?  What would you like to explore?  Let’s go!

Thursdays – Predators on the Prowl

$55 – 9am-2:15pm (Meeting in Gothic) or 8:20am-2:40pm (Meeting at the CB 4-Way Bus Stop)

Gulp, munch, chomp, crunch. It’s time to eat!  A lot of activity we observe in nature is all about finding food. Join us in this feeding frenzy discovery as we learn about predators and their prey. From lions and deer, to burying beetles and mice, to falcons and sparrows, to marmots and grass, to spiders and flies, we’ll explore the food web and food chains as well as niches and nutrient cycles. And, we’ll become experts in identifying scat; what do you think about that?

Fridays – Alien Invasion

$55 – 9am-2:15pm (Meeting in Gothic) or 8:20am-2:40pm (Meeting at the CB 4-Way Bus Stop)

Do we have aliens in Colorado?  What do dandelions, rats, brown trout and honey bees all have in common? Are mountain goats native or were they introduced to Colorado? Do some creatures invade the insides of other creatures in order to survive?  What do aphids, parasitic wasps and worms have in common?  Join us to learn about alien invaders in various forms of life on our planet as well as to learn about native and non-native species and how they impact life in Rocky Mountains. You might be surprised at what you find!

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