Nature Camp (Grades K-2)

Nature Camp: Postponed to 2021!

RMBL’s nature camp is designed for children entering kindergarten, first and second grades in the fall of 2020. Each day of the summer is a unique program with a multidisciplinary and playful approach to immersing students in the natural world and field science through hands-on activities such as experiments, nature inspired art and games. Children may come for one day, attend multiple days in one week, or join us for the same day of each week throughout the summer. Each program theme covers a variety of topics; every day is a new adventure!

Mondays – Wild Things

$60 – 9am-2:15pm (Meeting in Gothic) or 8:20am-2:40pm (Meeting at the CB 4-Way Bus Stop)

Scentless, spotted fawns hiding in the willows, glow in the dark microbes growing on forest floors, slimy salamanders frozen most of the year in high alpine ponds, and feathered falcons that can dive at speeds up to 200mph – wild things are real, and we find them everywhere!  Biologists get to study living things, and sometimes we find that real creatures are weirder and wilder than even the monsters that we create in our imaginations. Join us on a journey into nature to meet the unique plants, animals, insects and other wild things that live in the mountains.

Tuesdays –  Time  Machine

$60 – 9am-2:15pm (Meeting in Gothic) or 8:20am-2:40pm (Meeting at the CB 4-Way Bus Stop)

If you could travel through time, what era would you visit? Would you want to go into the past to the time of the dinosaurs? Would you want to go into the future when humans could live on other planets? Scientists have discovered changes over time in landscapes and life forms that have existed in this region by reading clues found hidden in the earth.  Become a time traveler by learning the tools of science.  We will discover that sea creatures, dinosaurs, woolly mammoths, wolves, silver miners and scientists have all roamed through Gothic, Colorado at different times.

Wednesdays –  Living  Locomotion

$60 – 9am-2:15pm (Meeting in Gothic) or 8:20am-2:40pm (Meeting at the CB 4-Way Bus Stop)

To survive, we are constantly in motion.  Take a moment to study the many ways that animals from gigantic to tiny make their way through the world.  Run and jump.  Hover and glide.  Ooze and float.  Dig and drag.  Dance and prance.  To investigate from wings and wheels to flagellum and feet, we’ll hike through the hills observing the movements of everything we see!

Thursdays – Planet Protectors

$60 – 9am-2:15pm (Meeting in Gothic) or 8:20am-2:40pm (Meeting at the CB 4-Way Bus Stop)

Standing beneath jagged snow-capped peaks, listening to the rush of crystal clear streams, and taking a deep breath of mountain air, we know that we live in a special place.  Earth is an incredible planet.  Scientists study how air, water, soil and the sun’s energy support many life cycles on Earth.  Stewards work to protect this life.  Let’s become scientists and stewards by investigating our world and practicing ways that we can take good care of our planet.

Fridays – Nature’s Artists

$60 – 9am-2:15pm (Meeting in Gothic) or 8:20am-2:40pm (Meeting at the CB 4-Way Bus Stop)

Intricate designs, colors, patterns and structures surround us in nature. Spiders weave webs to capture their prey and birds build nests to raise their young.  Flowers splatter green meadows in a rainbow of colors and clouds paint blue skies with fluffy white shapes.  There are rocks that sparkle and leaves with stripes and wings that appear to have eyes.  The closer we look, the more creative we will be with our own artistic designs.  Join us to explore the art of nature and then use nature to inspire our own arts and crafts and inventions.

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