E Newsletter August 2020

the power of PLACE

Forever is a long time

Forever is a long time, even for a 90+ year-old organization like RMBL.  On July 16th RMBL placed a conservation easement on the Gothic Townsite, dedicating the land and the buildings to research and education in perpetuity.

The power of a place is the result of how shared human experiences are woven into a region’s landscape, geology, and biology. Improbably for a remote Colorado valley that annually receives more than 35 feet of snow, making vehicular access impossible for 6+ months, Gothic has become a historic and scientific treasure, full of joy and discovery, and rich in memories.

Ian Billick - Director RMBL

Ian Billick | PhD
Executive Director, RMBL


Susan Lohr

Rescuing the Range

Easily the main feature that brings people to Colorado, and especially to Gunnison Valley, is the breathtaking beauty of the landscape. Part of that is due to Gunnison County being 83 percent public land. The rest is due to ranchers — ranchers who have preserved the unparalleled beauty of the Valley simply by being there and making the land their livelihood.

The ranchers who have maintained and kept intact their vast spreads of open range have given the rest of us extraordinary vistas of one of Earth’s most beautiful places.