February 2019 Newsletter

the power of PLACE

People sitting by a lake and mountains

Our Community: The Heart of RMBL

Family and community are at the heart of what makes RMBL unique. It is tempting to think of scientists as lonely figures in white lab coats working late at night amongst test tubes and beakers. But there are as many ways of being a scientist as there are scientists. The importance of family and community at RMBL has a big impact on our science.

This fingerprint can be seen in RMBL’s unique wealth of long-term research projects. We have become perhaps the best place to see important changes in plants and animals that are only apparent over long periods of time.

Ian Billick - Director RMBL

Ian Billick | PhD
Executive Director, RMBL



Aimée Classen Ph.D.

Digging deep to reveal climate change.

We know that global warming is shifting species’ habitats and changing how organisms coexist. In fact, there has been substantial research done on the interactions between plants and their pollinators and herbivores under climate change. But what about the relationships between plants and soil microbes or between those microbes and each other? How are they affected by climate change? Therein lies a gap. And where there’s a gap, there’s usually a curious scientist who says, “Let’s study that.” At RMBL, that scientist is Aimée Classen, Ph.D.

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