January 2019 Newsletter

the power of PLACE


Our Vision: Unleashing the Power of Place

Last year the RMBL Board of Trustees adopted a new vision: To unleash the power of place to transform how we understand the world and provide the scientific knowledge needed to maintain the environmental processes that support food security, air and water quality, and human health. This month we are launching a new communications effort with this newsletter. We’ll use this platform to share with you – the RMBL community – researchers, students, visitors, donors, friends – our evolving thoughts and ideas about how RMBL can manifest this vision. You are a community of lifelong learners, and we hope you find these messages educational and inspiring. In this, our inaugural e-newsletter, we’ll explore “The Power of Place”. The Power of Place drives modern exploration and discovery at a time when understanding and managing the world has never been more important.

Ian Billick - Director RMBL

Ian Billick | PhD
Executive Director, RMBL


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The power of stories

To illustrate the power of place, each month we will share a story of science happening at RMBL. We aim to give a glimpse into the scientific processes that shape how we understand the world and the scientists who make it happen. These science stories will celebrate what makes RMBL unique and strengthen our shared belief in community and discovery.

RMBL featured in the Environmental Monitor
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