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Biologists are learning that to understand life, we need to understand teams. Your body is composed of a series of teams. Only half the cells in your body are human. The other half are bacterial, viral, and fungal. We used to think that these non-human cells were invaders. It turns out they are just part of the team. Knocking them out (be careful with those antibiotics!) can make you sick or affect your ability to think clearly.

Even if we just look at human cells, we see a team! Our bodies are composed of millions of cells, each performing a specialized task that in aggregate allow us to move through the world in powerful ways. By having cells that specialize in perceiving light, supporting thinking, or processing food, our bodies have the capacity to do amazing things. The history of animals and plants, from dogs and cats to wildflowers, is fundamentally the story of how individual cells learned to cooperate and form a team.

Ian Billick - Director RMBL

Ian Billick | PhD
Executive Director, RMBL


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David Inouye, Ph.D.

Flower Power

Dr. David Inouye first came to RMBL in 1971 and started his Ph.D. research there in 1972. “I was a graduate student studying hummingbirds and bumble bees, and I wanted to know what flower nectar resources are available for them, so I started counting flowers,” he said. And he kept counting, year after year. Now, after 49 years, the data set he and fellow researchers have amassed is one of the longest and most comprehensive on record.

Furthermore, the data set not only documents when wildflowers bloom but also how many of them bloom in any given year. That knowledge is useful when you’re trying to understand what makes them flower in the first place.

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Distinguished Lecture: Riccardo Bommarco

Riccardo Bommarco – Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Douglass Distinguished Lecturer – (Host: Brian Inouye) Public lecture

7:30 pm billy barr community center

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