May 2019 Newsletter

the power of PLACE

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A Place on the Map

If you are old enough to have been lost, you can appreciate how quickly mapping technology is changing field science. It wasn’t that long ago that my trips involved stacks of maps and my shaky sense of location. Now, a swipe of my smartphone keeps my trip stress free.

It is easy to forget how amazing it is. I’ve got a pocket computer that is more powerful than the computers that took astronauts to the moon. Not only is it connected to the larger world, but it triangulates using cell phone towers and satellites to know my precise location. Big data crunching algorithms give me an estimate of arrival time. How can this not change field science? Location is the glue that holds field science together!

Ian Billick - Director RMBL

Ian Billick | PhD
Executive Director, RMBL


Breckheimer and Drone

Ian Breckheimer

Where all the flowers have gone

If you’re a field scientist, having access to over 40 years of prior research in the precise location you want to study is a huge advantage. Having access to advanced technologies that allow you to analyze and add to that data is icing on the cake. One of RMBL’s great strengths is that it combines historic research with pioneering technologies. This is what led Dr. Ian Breckheimer to bring his research to RMBL last summer and return this year.

Dr. Breckheimer is studying the spatial pattern of flowering times at RMBL, how and where flowering is changing across the landscape are changing, and what effects these changes could have on pollinators. Put another way, he is looking at the big picture in the meadows around RMBL. He plans to reconstruct the landscape of floral resources for pollinators using 12 sites ranging from low to high elevations. And he’s getting help from drones and computers

07 | 17
Distinguished Lecture: Riccardo Bommarco

Riccardo Bommarco – Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Douglass Distinguished Lecturer – (Host: Brian Inouye) Public lecture

7:30 pm billy barr community center

07 | 19
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08 | 20
Historic Preservation Dinner

Historic Preservation Dinner

4:30 pm billy barr community center

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