November 2020 E Newsletter

the power of PLACE

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Season of Giving

What type of person is RMBL looking to for support in the season of giving? Our community is committed to science and education. From medicine, to energy innovation, to smart phones, scientific innovation is the foundation of the modern world. This is not a huge step for most, but there are a lot of scientific organizations. Why RMBL?

RMBL supporters are passionate about the outdoors; many have had formative and powerful experiences outside. Our community also values the importance of the natural world to well-being, affecting everything from mental health, to food security, to water, to air, and disease. We attract people who combine a love of science with a passion for the outdoors. But the world is a big place. Why the high alpine valleys winding their way through the central Colorado Rockies of the Gunnison Basin, centered on Gothic?

Here’s my list, rooted in how the Power of Place transforms us and the world we live in.

Ian Billick - Director RMBL

Ian Billick | PhD
Executive Director, RMBL


Daniel Novoa

Of Mice and Men

One summer at RMBL can change the direction of a student’s life. Take Daniel Novoa, who just finished his sophomore year at East Los Angeles College and a summer internship at RMBL. His biology professor, Dr. Jimmy Lee, who’s the undergraduate education program coordinator for RMBL, gave a presentation about a program funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) that offers genuine scientific research opportunities for undergraduates. Naturally, RMBL was highlighted in Dr. Lee’s presentation. “I was super intrigued,” said Daniel. “So I applied for it.”

RMBL scientists part of national effort to monitor native bees
Grant enables first nationwide effort to save native bees