Fall Research/Education Groups

Bring your Research / Education Group to RMBL in September or October

Gothic Townsite – by Jeff Wyneken

Fall in the Rocky Mountains is a breath-taking experience to hold your meeting or conference with the aspen leaves changing into a myriad of green, yellow, orange and red colors.

Detailed information on hosting a group at RMBL in September or October (capacity, meeting room sizes, meals, amenities) can be found under Host a Conference.

If you would like to bring your Research and Education Group or Non-Profit holding a conference or meeting at RMBL in Gothic, Colorado in the fall, this page will give you more detailed information.

The Gothic Community Center - photo by Gesa Michel
The Gothic Community Center – photo by Gesa Michel

billy barr community center Rental: In 2020 we charge $3,050/day to rent the billy barr community center Friday-Sunday, and $2,350/day Monday-Thursday ($3,100/day and $2,500/day respectively in 2021). With prior arrangement, this rental includes full access to the billy barr community center as well as break-out rooms (Barclay Classrooms, the Library, and other smaller meeting spaces). Because of logistical considerations, groups larger than 30 must rent the billy barr community center.

Board Room in the billy barr community center-Photo by Jamie Booth

Break-out Rooms: Cost per break-out space in the Barclay building classrooms, Town Hall, or Ruby Lounge is $110/day. If your group rents two meeting spaces at the same time, the cost is $195 for both spaces.

Computer Laboratory: The Computer laboratory with 14 spots will cover a one-time fee of $100 for set up plus $155/day for use.

Please see here the cabins that we have available for your research or education group. First, we will rent the High-End and Premium rate cabins to your group – approximately 60 beds. The Budget, Basic, and Mid-Rate housing categories are only available for large groups and in total offer about 75 beds. To see details on the cabins themselves, such as type, character, sleeping capacity, heating & insulation values, go to the Groups Housing page.

Price/day/personCabin Name
$75.00Premium: Comfortable, Heat and Water (approximately 35 beds)
Calder, Crystal, Gates, Maroon, Richards, Rogers Boggs
$44.00High-End: Comfortable, Heat, No Water (approximately 45 beds)
Avery, Barclay, Cinnamon, Doctor's Annex, Hull, Hunter, Johnson House, Judd Falls, Levi, McLeod, Ouray, Purple, Savoy, Treasury, Weekley
$31.00Mid-Rate: Heat, Insulation, No Water (approximately 20 beds)
Augusta, Baker, Doctor's, Marcellina, Mt. Emmons, Red Rock, Remington, Swallow's Nest
$24.50Basic: Heat, Very Limited Insulation, No Water (approximately 25 beds)
Enders, Enders Annex, Mammal Lab, Oh-Be-Joyful, Ore House, Paradise, Sylvanite, Tincup, Whiterock
$12.50Budget: No Heat, No Insulation, No Water (approximately 20 beds)
Beanpod, Bellview, East River, Forest Queen, Lead King, North Pole, Pelton, Schofield, Snowmass, Virginia, Willey, Yule

For Additional Info: Contact 970-349-7231, admin@rmbl.org.

Gothic Townsite – by Jeff Wyneken