Permits, Safety, and Research Sites

Scientists are responsible for making sure their research has the correct permits and safety plans in place before their field season begins. Contact the Science Director with questions.

Field Safety Plans

Starting in 2024, scientists are required to have a field safety plan in place by June 1 or two weeks before your first team member arrives, whichever comes first. Field safety plans need to be posted in the scientists’ approved research plan in the portal. Examples of field safety plans and other safety information are posted here.

Scientists conducting research in winter are required to have a winter safety plan in place before conducting winter research. Winter safety plans need to be posted in scientists’ approved research plan in the portal. Winter safety information is posted here. Reach out to the Science Director for an example.

Chemical Safety

Scientists using chemicals for their research programs must submit 1) a chemical inventory and 2) chemical safety training document. The chemical inventory must be updated annually within two weeks of arrival and before anyone on the team handles chemicals. The chemical safety training document must be updated with new users before they handle chemicals. All documents must be uploaded to the scientists’ portal account, with hard copies posted in the red binder in your lab or workstation. Blank chemical safety sheets are posted here.

Animal Care

Scientists working with vertebrate animals have the following requirements. All documents must be posted in a scientists’ research plan on the portal.

  • Submit an animal care protocol by Feb.1 if you have a new project or your project is up for renewal. Blank forms are here:  2024 Animal Care Form.  Send the SD an email letting her know when you have posted your new/renewal Protocol in your portal account.
  • Colorado Parks and Wildlife permit.
  • For banding birds, Federal Fish and Wildlife permit.
  • Submit an annual check-in form by Oct. 1. (Science Director will post this form by  Jan 2024)
  • Submit an annual log by Oct.1 or submit a CPW or Federal report. Total # individuals must match the total number on your check in form. Blank log is posted here: (Science Director will post this form by spring 2024)

Research Sites

New scientists should reach out to the Science Director for assistance in finding new sites, as well as ensuring permission for access. All scientists are required to map research sites with RMBL’s GPS collection devices. Mapping sites is important to manage current research, to have a historical record of the location of your research, and to provide precise location information for use with spatial data products.  For more information on mapping research sites, go here: