Tuesday Talk Series

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Tuesdays 7:30 pm at the RMBL Community Center

(Unless otherwise indicated)

June 14 – 3rd Annual RMBL Research Sampler (Hosts: Emily Mooney & Kailen Mooney)
Ruben Alarcon (California State University Channel Islands) -“Bee diversity in Southern California pepper fields”
Jackie Aliperti (UC Davis) -“Behavioral and spatial dynamics in a fluctuating population of golden mantled ground squirrels”
Ben Blonder (NTNU, Norway) -“Disequilibrium in community ecology: how does climate variation affect plant performance?”

June 21 – Marcy Litvak (University of New Mexico) (Host: Jenn Rudgers) – “Sensitivity of Southwestern Biomes to Drought”

OBFS meeting in Gothic, September 2015. Photo by Faerthen Felix
OBFS meeting in Gothic, September 2015. Photo by Faerthen Felix

June 28 – John Harte  (UC Berkeley) (Host: Paul Ehrlich) – “Predicting the Fate of Ecosystems in the Anthropocene: A Framework and Two Case Studies”

July 5 – Katie Suding (University of Colorado) (Host: Jenn Rudgers) – “The importance of niche dynamics for restoration and conservation”

July 11 (Monday) – Douglas Distinguished Lecturer – Gerardo Ceballos (UNAM) (Host: Ian Billick) Public lecture and book signing in Crested Butte – CB Museum, 7:30 pm -“Vanishing Wildlife and the Sixth Mass Extinction”

July 12 – David Meltzer (Southern Methodist University) (Host: Ian Billick)  “Ice Age hunters of the Gunnison Basin and their environment”

July 13 (Wednesday) – Douglass Distinguished Lecturer – Gerardo Ceballos (Host: Lara Souza) Gothic Community Center -“Population extinction: the key driver in the Sixth Mass Extinction”

July 19 – RMBL Poster Session (Host: Emily Mooney)

July 26 – LeRoy Poff (Colorado State University) (Host:  Bobbi Peckarsky) – “Predicting the Ecological Future of Rivers: How Relevant is the Past?”

August 2 – Nancy Moran (University of Texas)  – “Bacterial gut communities living in bumble bees and other corbiculate bees”

August 9 – Stacey Smith (University of Colorado) (Host: Nick Waser) – “Macroevolution of flower color: From pigments to pollinators”

August 16 – Kate Maher (Stanford University) (Host: Ken Williams) “Dynamic couplings between subsurface water and carbon fluxes”