Research Volunteers



Citizen science is when members of the public volunteer to work with scientists on research projects. No formal training in science is required. At RMBL, we have a long history of facilitating research in a number of fields including, but not limited to plant biology, insect ecology, pollination, and climate change. Research scientists work through RMBL. The accumulated value of their knowledge helps us understand local ecosystems. We’re looking for volunteers to join our scientists to tackle some of the big questions about how our world works.

This is REAL science happening right here in Gunnison County, and no experience is necessary. All it takes is curiosity about field biology and eagerness to see firsthand how scientists are learning about the natural world.

For volunteer opportunities, please contact scientists directly.
Once you have made arrangements to volunteer with a scientist, please contact the Science Director ( with your contact information and to complete a liability form.

Photo from RMBL Archives
Photo from RMBL Archives

While scientists may have specific recommendations for what to bring, we recommend minimally bringing a daypack, food, water, good hiking boots, raingear, sunscreen/sunhat/sunglasses.



Plant Evolution

Herbarium and Plant collections

Invasive Plant Management and Plant Restoration