Research Committee

RMBL Research Committee

The mission of the RMBL Research Committee is to review all proposed research and other projects with the goal of ensuring the long-term success of the RMBL as a world-class institution for research and education in field biology.

In collaboration with the RMBL Science Director, the Research Committee considers the best use of finite RMBL resources as it strives to facilitate and promote the work of all scientists.  It considers scientific, educational, and other benefits of proposed activities, balances these against any possible negative impacts, and contemplates whether RMBL is the most appropriate place for the activities.

The Research Committee is especially interested in fostering the work of early career scientists, including undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, and beginning principal investigators.

The Science Director, Jennie Reithel, and any member of the Committee will be happy to discuss project ideas and designs and possible overlap with other RMBL projects with anyone interested in working at the Lab.  The Research Committee is chaired by Berry Brosi; its members are RMBL PIs Nicolas Alexandre, Jill Anderson, Bret Elderd, Amanda Klemmer, Emily Mooney, Conner Philson, and Matthew Winnick, as well as Nancy Woolf a RMBL Docent and a member of the local community.

Ad hoc reviewers also provide expert reviews upon request. Scientists who wish to volunteer to help with reviews should reach out to the Science Director.