General Research Information

All scientists interested in performing research at RMBL must submit an application for review by the Science Director and Research Committee. The Research Committee is comprised of current and former RMBL Scientists, including Chair, Ken Whitney, and committee members Jessica Forrest, Becky Irwin, Kate Maher, Nate Sanders, Rosemary Smith, James Thomson, as well as Jen Darnell, a scientist on the RMBL Board and Scott Fishman, a member of the local community.

The deadline for new and renewal research projects is February 1st.

Please read the Research Code  before submitting an application. It is especially important to describe your reasons for selecting RMBL as a research site.

During a researcher’s first summer at RMBL, we ask that you map your research sites. Scientists need to map any research sites that they expect the Lab to manage or other scientists to be aware of. Additionally, any sites that have equipment left out over winter need to be mapped and fully documented. All research sites need to be mapped with RMBL’s GPS equipment. Contact for more information.

Interested researchers must provide their own funding and grants can be run through RMBL if desired. Researchers submitting grants to foundations or government agencies to conduct research at RMBL must get their proposal reviewed and approved by the Executive Director prior to submission. The proposal and budget must be submitted to the Executive Director at least 1 week before the proposal deadline. This requirement applies to all grants, including grants run through RMBL and run through other institutions. RMBL staff will review the budget to make sure it is in line with RMBL fee structure. Staff will review the proposal for potential impacts or conflicts, as well as potential logistical, permitting, or land access challenges. Finally, researchers’ infrastructure needs and whether RMBL can meet such needs, will be assessed.

Research site below Gothic Mountain. Photo by Laurel Runcie
Research site below Gothic Mountain. Photo by Laurel Runcie

Applications include: New/Renewal, Collector, Continuing, Research Assistant, Visiting Scientist, Guest/Alumni. In addition, Researcher and Graduate Student Fellowships Applications, the Portable Weather Station Application, and the Animal Care Protocol Form are also found on the application page.

RMBL Research Committee
The mission of the RMBL Research Committee is to review all proposed research and other projects with the goal of ensuring the long-term success of the RMBL as a world-class institution for research and education in field biology.

In collaboration with the RMBL Science Director, the Research Committee considers the best use of finite RMBL resources as it strives to facilitate and promote the work of all scientists.  It considers scientific, educational, and other benefits of proposed activities, balances these against any possible negative impacts, and contemplates whether RMBL is the most appropriate place for the activities.

The Research Committee is especially interested in fostering the work of early career scientists, including undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, and beginning principal investigators.

The Science Director, Jennie Reithel, and any member of the Committee will be happy to discuss project ideas and designs and possible overlap with other RMBL projects with anyone interested in working at the Lab. The Research Committee is chaired by Ken Whitney; its members are RMBL PIs Jessica Forrest, Rebecca Irwin, Kate Maher, Nate Sanders, Rosemary Smith, James Thomson and Nick Waser, as well as Jen Darnell, a scientist on the RMBL Board and Scott Fishman, a member of the local community.

List of RMBL Scientists.
Here is a current list of scientists at RMBL in 2019.