Research Applications

Guidelines for Research Applications

Please read the Rate Schedule and the RMBL Research Code in addition to completing the appropriate application. Email the Science Director before submitting an application for New Research.

  • If you are a Principal Investigator (PI) and your research approval has expired, fill out a New/Renewal Application by February 1. This includes submitting a Project Description and CV. Instructions for Project Descriptions are HERE.
  • If you have an approved research plan that is current, please submit Annual Research Questions (previously known as a Continuing Application) by April 1, to be prioritized for lab space and other facility and service needs.
  • Each member of a PI’s research team must have their own account and their own housing and research visit reservations in the RMBL Community Portal.  The only exception is for family members under the age of 18.

Contact the Science Director, if you don’t fit into one of the categories below or have questions.  Late applications can be accepted in most cases, though there is a late fee.  Simple supplementary research projects can be added to an approved research plan by Feb.1 with no fee.  After Feb.1, there is a fee to review supplementary research projects.

New/Renewal ResearcherFebruary 1 for New/Renewals and Collector Applications. Continuing researchers with approved plans submit annual updates by April 1.2024 Research applications and annual updates can be submitted at any time.
Research AssistantApril 1Housing requests received by April 1 receive priority. We will accommodate later housing requests as we have space.
Visiting ScientistApril 1Housing requests received by April 1 receive priority. We will accommodate later housing requests as we have space.
Alumni/Guest Registration none
Returning_Student_FormFebruary 152023 form is posted.
Animal Care FormFebruary 12023 form is posted.

Project Start Dates
Applications for New or Renewal of Research submitted before October 15th begin the year in which they were submitted while applications submitted after October 15th will begin the following year.

Project End Dates
Projects end April 15th in the year after they expire. In other words, if a research plan is submitted on Jan. 15, 2023 for five years, that project would become inactive as of April 15th, 2028.

Genetic Experiments

Genetic experiments that involve moving genetic material among organisms of different species, in a way that would not naturally occur, will be scrutinized carefully and may be denied in some cases.  The risk that genes could escape and cause ecological disruption is weighed against the perceived scientific value of the proposed research.  Scientists proposing this type of genetic experiment must submit a pre-proposal to the Science Director by October 1 or 7 months prior to initiation of the research, whichever comes first.