Research Assistant Registration

Research Assistant Housing Applications will open in early February in the RMBL Community Portal

The deadline is April 1st for on-site, priority consideration.

Research Assistants who have already been hired to work for a Primary Investigator may register with RMBL.  People searching for research assistant positions can check our Jobs page for postings.

The deadline for research assistants to register and submit summer housing requests is April 1, to be prioritized for onsite housing. Research Assistants living offsite should register with RMBL at least a week before they begin work.

We are pleased to announce that the housing, fieldwork, and meals management modules are live in the RMBL Community Portal!  If you are new to the Portal, it is a developing system where the RMBL community can request, manage, and track many RMBL logistics.  The first stage includes the modules listed above, but the platform will continue to be expanded to include more elements in the future. As with any system in production, you may come across a glitch.  Please contact RMBL admin if you have any issues.  Thanks! 

For those requesting summer 2023 housing, the priority summer housing deadline is by the end of the day April 1.  Please submit your requests by then. 

Basic elements of the RMBL Community Portal 

  1. Personal Profile:  You will set this up when you create your account.  Here you will include basic details about yourself, your contact information, and your dietary preferences.  Now you only have to enter this information once, and not in every form! 
  2. Submit a Research Application: This module is only relevant to PIs to submit research plans and update their annual research information.   
  3. Submit a Field Work and/or Housing Request:  This module has two options.  Each option requires that the activity is associated with an approved (or pending) RMBL research project or other activity.  If you do not find your project/your PI’s project in the dropdown, please confirm with your PI or contact the RMBL admin office. 
  4. Field Work: This is where you can submit fieldwork dates that do not require RMBL housing.  This is a simple form to communicate when you will be working in the field.  These entries are editable up until the end date of that particular fieldwork entry.  
  5. Field Work with Housing:  This is where you will submit requests for housing at RMBL. All adults must make their own housing requests, even if family housing is requested.  Minors in a reservation can be noted in the provided field and do not need separate reservations at this time.   Requests can be edited up until the April 1 priority summer housing deadline.  After April 1, requests are locked, and changes can be made by contacting RMBL admin.  Note:  We are working to make the covid-19 fields always editable so that you can update vaccination information as it comes available.  We are currently working on adding the functionality to display housing assignments and roommates as part of the housing request in the portal.  Stay tuned for those updates once housing assignments are completed later this spring.   
  6. Submit a Meal Reservation: This module allows you to reserve and manage meals in your portal account.  Your dietary preferences and restrictions are added as part of your user profile and will carry over to all meal reservations made in the system.  You can revisit your profile at any time in your account.  Meal reservations can be edited up until the day before the meal, at which time they are locked for kitchen planning and prep.  There are two ways to make meal reservations. 
  7. Consecutive Day Reservations: If you are planning on eating meals for consecutive days (meal plan), you can use this module to make your reservations all at once.   
  8. Singe Meal Reservation: Here you can make single meal reservations. 
  9. Billing:  Billing information is included as part of each request, and there is not a separate billing management module at this time.  The information provided will flow to billy, who will provide your invoice based upon your The traditional application fees will be added to your first invoice of the season.  Bonus: A future element of the portal is designed to be a billing summary where individuals can see a full accounting of the incurred charges, and PIs will be able to see all charges in the system associated with their projects in real-time.