Researcher Application

All researchers and their team members individually set up accounts in the RMBL Community portal. Many people set up accounts last year and have an existing account. Once scientists have an account, they can submit a research application and upload documents. By March, everyone will also be able to submit housing and field visit requests. Scientists can log in to their accounts at any time to update information and upload documents.

Researchers with their own research plans should follow these instructions.


  1. Login to your existing Portal account or, if you are a new researcher, set up your account in the RMBL Community Portal here:
  2. Click on ‘Submit a Research Application’
  3. Choose ‘New/Renewal’ if you are a new researcher or if your project is up for renewal this year (deadline Feb. 1). You will be asked to submit a non-technical abstract, Duration of project (1-5 years), and you will be asked to upload a Project Description and CV. The application will then roll into the annual questions about labspace etc.
  4. Alternatively, if your project is approved at least through this year, choose ‘Research Application Annual Update’ (deadline April 1). Previously this was called a ‘continuing research application’  The ‘annual update’ form asks for information on your labspace, research sites, publications, funding, and billing information. Here are instructions.
  5. Later this winter (e.g., March) you can Submit a Field work and/or Housing request (for offsite and onsite stays). Housing requests received by April 1 will be prioritized.
  6. Later this winter/spring (e.g. April/May), you can Submit a meals request (optional).


  • Instructions for New/Renewal Project descriptions.
  • Research application detailed instructions and checklist of information needed.
  • If you have questions about information requested in the Research Application, please contact the RMBL Science Director
  • For general questions about the portal and application process, please contact Phone: 970-349-7231