Visiting Scientist Application

This page is for scientists who wish to visit RMBL, e.g. if you are visiting to give a talk, are visiting with collaborators, or wish to visit RMBL in order to plan future research.

Scientists should only use these instructions if they are not planning on conducting research. Please contact the Director of Administration at if you have any questions about whether you should use this process.

  1. Please set up a new account in the RMBL Community Portal.
  2. Submit a Fieldwork and/or Housing request (applications open in mid-February). Housing requests received before April 1st receive priority. You will need to select a PI/Project to be associated with. If your collaborators’ project is not listed, please contact our office (email above) or your collaborator.
  3. Select the reason for your visit: RET, ROA, or Visiting a PI (Visiting Scientist)
  4. Submit a meal(s) request (optional).