Scientific Resources

RMBL collects and hosts multiple types of data for scientists and the public.

We are working on making our data collections accessible on the web.

Before downloading or using any RMBL data, read the RMBL Data Use Policy.


WEATHER STATIONS:  Data collected from RMBL’s six permanent weather stations are available here.  This interface gives access to data since 2017. We have access to some prior data, but it’s messy. Contact the Executive Director at ( director at ), if you’d like weather station data before 2017. We acknowledge that this user interface lacks critical metadata and other elements. Because the data have not gone through quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC), we cannot guarantee the quality of the data at this time. During summer and fall of 2019, we are testing sensors in the field in order to assess past and current quality of the data. We expect to have an assessment of data quality during fall 2019. We apologize for the problems and appreciate your patience.

RMBL also hosts an EPA weather station, which has been in place since the 1980’s. EPA weather station data are available through the EPA website. Follow the link to download Castnet data for the Gothic site.

AVALANCHE MAPS: Here are some images of avalanches that ran in early March, 2019.

HERBARIUM:  RMBL’s online herbarium collection is hosted by SEINET.  Follow the link for ‘Search Collections’.

LIST OF POLLINATION RESEARCH PAPERS AT RMBL. David Inouye compiled a list of pollination papers, posted HERE.

POLLINATION PAPER: Macior, L. W. 1974. Pollination ecology of the Front Range of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Melanderia 15: 1-59. This out of print paper is searchable and is posted HERE.

BUMBLEBEE REFERENCE: The Bumblebees of Colorado is posted HERE.

Underlined datasets and maps are available to the public. All other data and maps are available to RMBL Scientists with approved Research plans. Contact for more information.

The datasets are in the following projection.
Projected Coordinate System: NAD 1983 State Plane Colorado Central FIPS 0502 Feet
Projection: Lambert Conformal Conic
Linear Unit: Foot US

Spatial Datasets

LIDAR Digital Elevation Model (DEM) 6 inch resolution (Data are for the upper East River Valley and part of Washington Gulch)

LIDAR Slope 6 inch resolution

LIDAR Aspect 6 inch resolution

LIDAR Contours 6 inch resolution


BLM Lands

CB Land Trust Properties

Current & Historic RMBL Research Sites

Forest Service Lands

Forest Service District Lines

Forest Service Gothic Research Natural Area

Forest Service Wilderness Lands

Geologic Hazards

Geonames (Map labels including, peaks, mines, basins, etc)

Gothic facilities

Gothic townsite roads and trails

Gunnison County datasets   Note: projection differs from the rest of these datasets.


Private Property Parcels

RMBL Managed Properties



Sub-basin Watersheds


Conservation Easements

Wetlands within Gothic



East river valley slope map

East river valley private property map

Gothic townsite map

Gothic vicinity trails & public lands map

Gunnison County maps

RMBL regional map showing Forest Service districts & RMBL research  

RMBL Facilities maps

RMBL Research sites maps

USGS Quad Index Map