The Watershed Semester


RMBL is hosting a NEW semester long college level course in 2019.

Course Description:  This semester course integrates the highest levels of learning and adventure while focusing on the landscapes, stories, science and connections surrounding the Colorado River. We will travel from high in the snow-covered mountains of Colorado to the Sea of Cortez in Mexico and back again. Along the way we will meet and learn from U.S. and Mexican experts, experience numerous outdoor adventures, and come to understand what it means to lead a life intertwined with the human and natural landscapes of place.

This course is for people who embrace the challenge of understanding and experiencing one’s place in the world, and how we each affect and are affected by our surrounding human and natural communities. You will be able to fully participate meaningfully in important conversations about topics like water use, food production, immigration and border issues. You’ll have witnessed first hand how our decisions affect everything from rare dolphins, to soil salt levels, to the jobs and health of the people you befriend in Mexico. And, you’ll walk away with a collection of inspiring stories, some of which you might have published.

Instructor:  Dr. Dev Carey is a RMBL alum who conducted field research on plant-insect interactions at RMBL in the early 90s, earning his PhD in ecology in 1992.  During the past two decades, Dev has combined his scientific background with his love of teaching to create innovative educational opportunities for college students.

Where:  The Colorado River Watershed–Colorado, Utah, Arizona, northern Mexico, and California.  This course includes significant travel throughout the southwest and Mexico, as well as two stays at the RMBL field station near Crested Butte, Colorado.

When: Jan.31-May 16, 2019

Who: 12 participants, ages 18-23–flexible, plus Dev, a professional journalist and other staff.

Cost:  $9,600, plus an additional $750 for college credit. Scholarships available.


For more information and to apply, visit The Watershed Semester.