Student Recommendation Form

Recommendation Guidelines

Please indicate your estimate of the applicant’s aptitude for our programs ( see the “Students” tab). In particular, we are interested in knowing whether the student is a good fit for our program and the likelihood that the program will have a significant impact on the student’s development. This should include an evaluation of scholastic achievement, motivation, emotional maturity, and promise of success. We would particularly appreciate an analysis of the ability of this person to be independently motivated for research in field biology and to work under conditions that are often tedious and physically challenging. Additionally, we will use your evaluation to help place students in the appropriate program. Please use the area below titled ‘My Evaluation of this Student’ for your evaluation. You may cut and paste your evaluation into that area. It is not necessary to send us a separate email with this same information. If you have any questions or comments about this recommendation process, please email the Education Program Coordinator.


We are now accepting recommendations for 2024.


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