Student Forms and Information

Congratulations! This page is for post-undergraduate and undergraduate students who have been accepted into the 2023 RMBL  Summer Education Program. Please complete each step by the deadline below. Reach out to if you have any issues. 

Before April 1st: Set up your account in the RMBL Community Portal here:

Within the Community Portal

  1. Fully complete your user profile to include Dietary Restrictions and your Emergency Contact.
  2. Submit a Research Visit
    • Students living on-site will choose “Fieldwork with RMBL Housing”
    • Students living in the local area will choose “Fieldwork without RMBL Housing”
  • Under the section “Select a RMBL Project” choose “RMBL Education Program
  • Both on-site and off-site students can put in the dates of Thursday, June 8th – Tuesday, August 15th until you know your specific fieldwork dates. This can be edited later. These will be the dates for most students, but there is some flexibility.
  • Students do not need to put in cabin preferences. Students will be placed in non-cooking, dormitory-style housing. We do encourage you to let us know your preferences on roommate genders and if you have any special situations for housing considerations.

Before April 15th: Fill out the Student Technology Survey

Before May 1st: Complete and sign the Student Health and Conditions in Gothic form and fill out the Travel Form


Additional Information

You will interact with a number of RMBL professionals before you arrive and throughout the duration of your visit. Your mentor will primarily help you plan the dates you will be in Gothic and help you develop your project.  Our Administrative Office (phone: 970-349-7231 ext. 2 or email: can provide assistance with logistics (e.g., travel, how RMBL works) and help with questions that you have but aren’t certain who to ask. Dr. Rosemary Smith will coordinate your program ( and will be able to answer many of your program/research-related questions. She will organize the weekly meetings you will be attending this summer and can serve as an additional resource for your project.

The RMBL Classroom
The RMBL Classroom – Photo from RMBL Archives

Important Information