Rocky Mountain Wildlife

Instructor: Dr. Conner Philson, Center for Research in Animal Behaviour, University of Exeter, UK


Course Description:

Field- and place-based integrative course in wildlife ecology. In this course, we will explore the natural history, ecology, behavior, evolution, and conservation of wild vertebrates in the Rocky Mountains, with a focus on adaptations for living at high elevation though the lens of the diverse science and scientists at RMBL. Students will gain hands-on experience with research methods including identification of species, recording of observations, surveys of populations, live-trapping of animals, collection and analysis of data, natural history collections, and presentation of results.

Syllabus 2024 Rocky Mountain Wildlife

Course Credits: This course is eligible for 2 credit hours. Please visit this page for details- Course Credits – Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory (


Dr. Philson with a yellow-bellied marmot at RMBL

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