Summer Seminars

2024 Tuesday Hybrid Seminars at 7:30 pm


The public is invited to attend by Zoom. Register for the seminars HERE

DatePresenterInstitutionTitleRecording (if available)
June 18, 2024Daniel Souto
Howard Whiteman
Juliana Jiranek
Elsa Godtfredsen
Utah State
Murray State
University of Virginia
Chicago Botanic Garden

RMBL Research Sampler: microbe-flower-bee interactions, flax-rust/disease ecology,plant phenology-climate, Restoration & aquatic invertebratesRecording Unavailable
June 25, 2024Truman YoungUniversity of California, DavisEconomics and conservation: words of warning, and livestock examples (Kenya, mostly)Recording
July 2, 2024Conner PhilsonUniversity of ExeterEvolution of social behavior and structure: a multilevel selection perspectiveRecording
July 9, 2024Micky Eubanks
CSU Fort CollinsPowerful mutualisms shape pest management and the success and impacts of invasive speciesRecording
July 23, 2024Dana ChadwickNASA Jet Propulsion LaboratoryTBD
July 30, 2024Sharon StraussUniversity of California, DavisDouglass Distinguished Lecture: The evolution and plasticity of the niche --insights gained from experiments, phylogenies and herbarium specimens
August 6, 2024Undergrad Science TalksManyTBD

Past Seminars

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