The Student Experience

Welcome to RMBL

Video made by a 2022 student in the RMBL Education Program, Abi Zuber, with support from the RMBL Community Diversity Committee.


Students in the Education Program will be provided with shared, on-site housing in cabins without kitchens or indoor plumbing.

Typical cabins used to house students include Ore House, Johnson House, Mammal Lab, Oh Be Joyful, Yule, Swallow’s Nest, and Marcellina. You can see pictures of the cabins here: Cabin Information 


Students are provided with a meal plan that includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner at RMBL’s on-site dining hall. Meals are prepared from scratch by a dedicated culinary team and served buffet-style with meat and vegetarian options.


Students will have many opportunities to engage with RMBL’s scientific community through seminars, workshops, and social events. Many students also enjoy gaining or furthering their outdoor experience by hiking, biking, and camping in the area.