Tuesday Talks

Please join us for our free Tuesday Talk series, Tuesdays 7:30 p.m. at the billy barr community center at RMBL

2019 RMBL Tuesday Seminars

Public lecture in the bbcc. Photo by Jen Pierson

11 June – 6th Annual RMBL Research Sampler (Hosts: Jennie Reithel & Rosemary Smith): Four short talks.

  1. Rosemary Smith (Host: Rick Williams) “Keep calm and carrion: burying beetles in a Rocky Mountain ecosystem”
  2. Connor Morozumi and Xingwen Loy “Plant-pollinator network responses to phenological change”
  3. Rebecca Dalton “Species interactions among spring ephemerals
  4. Sarah Meadows (Hosts: Paul CaraDonna and Nick Waser) Artist in Residence


 18 June – Cassie Stoddard – Princeton University and RMBL (Host: David Inouye)

“The visual world of broad-tailed hummingbirds”


25 June –  Pieter Johnson – University of Colorado (Host: Bobbi Peckarsky) –

“The parasite paradox: using community ecology to help resolve the diversity-disease debates”


2 July  – Janneke Hille Ris Lambers- University of Washington- Grad Student Invited Speaker (Host: Annika Nelson)

“When do flowers flower? Impacts of climate change on high mountain wildflowers”


9 July– Caitlin Wells – Colorado State University (Host: Dirk Van Vuren)

“Sisters, mothers, and others: how kin shape the life-history of an asocial squirrel”


16 July – Riccardo Bommarco – Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Douglass Distinguished Lecturer  (Host: Brian Inouye)

“Adopting food web ecology to understand ecosystem functioning”


17 JulyRiccardo Bommarco – Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Douglass Distinguished Lecturer – (Host: Brian Inouye) Public lecture

“The insects that safeguard our food production”


23 July – Dan Gruner – University of Maryland and NSF (Host: Kailen Mooney)

“The integrative ecology of invasive wood-boring insects”


30 July –  David Inouye, Principal Investigator (RMBL); Rebecca Irwin (North Carolina State University); Brian Inouye (Florida State University); Nora Underwood (Florida State University); Aimee Classen (University of Vermont); Rebecca Dalton (RMBL); billy barr (RMBL)

“The RMBL Phenology Project”


6 August –Jennie DeMarco – Western State Colorado University (Host: Jennie Reithel)

“Conducting and communicating science in a changing climate using the Siberian Arctic as a case study”


13 August Jeff Deems – National Snow and Ice Data Center

“Laser mapping of mountain snowpacks: enabling resilient management of water resources and avalanche hazard in a changing world”