Tuesday Talks

RMBL’s Tuesday Talks have been cancelled in 2020.

We are exploring options for virtual science experiences for the public.


2019 RMBL Tuesday Seminars


Public lecture in the bbcc. Photo by Jen Pierson

11 June – 6th Annual RMBL Research Sampler (Hosts: Jennie Reithel & Rosemary Smith): Four short talks.

  1. Rosemary Smith (Host: Rick Williams) “Keep calm and carrion: burying beetles in a Rocky Mountain ecosystem”
  2. Connor Morozumi and Xingwen Loy “Plant-pollinator network responses to phenological change”
  3. Rebecca Dalton “Species interactions among spring ephemerals
  4. Sarah Meadows (Hosts: Paul CaraDonna and Nick Waser) Artist in Residence


 18 June – Cassie Stoddard – Princeton University and RMBL (Host: David Inouye)

“The visual world of broad-tailed hummingbirds”


25 June –  Pieter Johnson – University of Colorado (Host: Bobbi Peckarsky) –

“The parasite paradox: using community ecology to help resolve the diversity-disease debates”


2 July  – Janneke Hille Ris Lambers- University of Washington- Grad Student Invited Speaker (Host: Annika Nelson)

“When do flowers flower? Impacts of climate change on high mountain wildflowers”


9 July– Caitlin Wells – Colorado State University (Host: Dirk Van Vuren)

“Sisters, mothers, and others: how kin shape the life-history of an asocial squirrel”


16 July – Riccardo Bommarco – Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Douglass Distinguished Lecturer  (Host: Brian Inouye)

“Adopting food web ecology to understand ecosystem functioning”


17 JulyRiccardo Bommarco – Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Douglass Distinguished Lecturer – (Host: Brian Inouye) Public lecture

“The insects that safeguard our food production”


23 July – Dan Gruner – University of Maryland and NSF (Host: Kailen Mooney)

“The integrative ecology of invasive wood-boring insects”


30 July –  David Inouye, Principal Investigator (RMBL); Rebecca Irwin (North Carolina State University); Brian Inouye (Florida State University); Nora Underwood (Florida State University); Aimee Classen (University of Vermont); Rebecca Dalton (RMBL); billy barr (RMBL)

“The RMBL Phenology Project”


6 August –Jennie DeMarco – Western State Colorado University (Host: Jennie Reithel)

“Conducting and communicating science in a changing climate using the Siberian Arctic as a case study”


13 August Jeff Deems – National Snow and Ice Data Center

“Laser mapping of mountain snowpacks: enabling resilient management of water resources and avalanche hazard in a changing world”