RMBL has volunteer opportunities for everyone! 


Invasive Weed Day volunteers. Photo by Nana Naisbitt
Invasive Weed Day volunteers. Photo by Nana Naisbitt

Volunteer at RMBL!  Volunteer for a few hours – count birds during our Breeding Bird Survey, help control weeds through our Invasive Weed Days, volunteer as a photographer, or volunteer with our most popular and long standing fundraiser, the 4th of July 1/3 Gothic to Crested Butte Marathon.

Do you want a deeper, richer experience?  Volunteer with a researcher or research group or educate visitors and protect our environmental and scientific resources as a RMBL Docent. Put your specific skills to use in any number of special projects, including work in scientific collections or historical archives, as outlined by RMBL staff or scientists.

Why volunteer? One fundamental – and fun! – approach to supporting RMBL is by donating your time and skills as a volunteer. When you volunteer, you connect with like-minded people around meaningful work while having fun and learning. At RMBL, you have the unique opportunity to connect with our community of scientists and learn first-hand about our changing world. For those starting on a professional path, you gain leadership skills and unique professional experience.  For others, volunteering is an opportunity to share your skills and passions, while making new friends and investing in life-long learning.