Nature Camp (Grades K-2)

RMBL’s nature camp is designed for children entering kindergarten, first and second grades in the fall of 2022. Programs will be based out of the Youth Nature & Science Center in Gothic, CO and in surrounding outdoor areas that students will access by hiking.  Nature Camp cultivates a multidisciplinary and playful approach to immersing students in the natural world and field science through hands-on activities such as experiments, nature inspired art and games.  Camps are being offered in weekly, Monday-Thursday daily sessions. The same group of students will be with one another for the entire week. Three different weekly themes will be offered throughout the summer, this enables students to attend up to three weeks of nature camp this summer.

Program Cost: $475

Program times: 9am-3pm Monday-Thursday (8:30am-3:30 drop off/pick up at CB 4-way)  **Times are subject to change slightly if the Mountain Express bus service to Gothic resumes this summer**

Summer 2022 Session Dates and Themes:

Session 1: June 20th-23rd, Things with Wings

Session 2: June 27th-30th, Things with Wings

Session 3: July 11th-14th, Forest, Flowers and Fungi

Session 4: July 25th-28th, Forest, Flowers and Fungi

Session 5: August 1st-4th, Nature Artists

Session 6: August 8th-11th, Nature Artists

Nature campers look at burying beetles

Things with Wings: Butterflies, bees, bats, and beetles; dippers, dragonflies and mosquitos are just a few of the flying organisms we can investigate in the East River Valley during the summer. Find out the important roles these flying friends play in our ecosystem by stepping into the shoes of a RMBL researcher and imagine what life would be like if you could fly!  

Forest, Flowers and Fungi: We’ll go into the woods with a curious mind and inquisitive eye to investigate the relationships between the soil, roots and trees as well as sunshine, flowers and seeds. From funny looking mushrooms to the black-eyed aspen trees, from ancient blue spruce to the delicate grouse whortleberry, the forest is not only home to many, but also a living laboratory.   

Nature Artists: Intricate designs, colors, patterns and structures surround us in nature. Spiders weave webs to capture their prey and birds build nests to raise their young.  Flowers splatter green meadows in a rainbow of colors and clouds paint blue skies with fluffy white shapes.  There are rocks that sparkle and leaves with stripes and wings that appear to have eyes.  The closer we look, the more creative we will be with our own artistic designs.  Join us to explore the art of nature and then use nature to inspire our own arts and crafts and inventions.  

Young children stand with pictures they created