Science Camp (Grades 3-5)

Science Camp is designed for students entering third, fourth and fifth grades in the fall of 2022. Science Camp is an entirely outdoor-based program that will travel to various research sites of RMBL field scientists who are working within this region.  Programs includes outdoor exploration with an emphasis on the practices and process of science, as well as the application of varied technologies used in field science. Students in Science Camp spend more time hiking and participating in field research activities connected to RMBL scientists than do the younger students in Nature Camp.  Camps are being offered in weekly, Monday-Thursday, daily sessions.  The same group of students will be with one another for the entire week. Three different weekly themes will be offered throughout the summer, this enables students to attend up to three weeks of nature camp this summer.

Program Cost: $475

Program times: 9am-3pm Monday-Thursday (8:30-3:30 drop off/pick up at CB 4-way) **Times are subject to change slightly if the Mountain Express bus service to Gothic resumes this summer**

Summer 2022 Session Dates and Themes:

Session 1: June 20th-23rd, Watershed Wanderers

Session 2: June 27th-30th, Watershed Wanderers

Session 3: July 18th-21st, Treasure Hunters

Session 4: July 25th-28th, Treasure Hunters

Session 5: August 1st-4th, Wild Weather Watchers

Session 6: August 8th-11th, Wild Weather Watchers

Children visit billy barr's weather station in Gothic, CO

Watershed Wanderers: Did you know that our mountains act as nature’s water towers? When rain falls or snow melts where does it go? How does water move through our Rocky Mountains? Why is water storage so important to our ecosystem? How can we conserve and keep our water clean? What living creatures depend on these systems for survival? Scientists come to RMBL to do research to try and answer these questions! With your help we will discover more about the health of our mountain streams, rivers, ponds and lakes and the animals and plants who live in these ecosystems. Along the way we will meet RMBL scientists and learn about the instruments and methods they use to help understand our watersheds. 

Treasure Hunters: Did you know over 100 years ago, the hunt for gold and silver attracted many people to the Rockies? Today, many people come here to hunt for wildflowers and wildlife. Scientists in Gothic hunt for discoveries regarding the natural world. Would you like to learn about our local treasures including silver, endangered species, mountain snowpack, and native pollinators? We’ll learn to use GPS units to map our discoveries, and we’ll try our hand at using maps and compasses in order to follow in the footsteps of the first prospectors and biologists that roamed this region.   

Wild Weather Watchers: What’s up with the whacky weather? What causes hurricanes, blizzards, droughts, and floods? Why do we have wind bursts in the mountains, but rarely tornadoes? How are ocean currents, jet streams, powder skiing and white water rafting connected? How do animals adapt to the changing weather? How do RMBL scientists study our weather and climate? Become a meteorologist for a week of weather investigations! We will also have opportunities to meet scientists and see firsthand how changes to the climate may affect local ecosystems such as streams, plants, and organisms. 

campers hold homemade awards